Transforming the spare parts shopping experience

Hotpoint Spare Parts Hotpoint Spare PartsHotpoint Spare Parts Hotpoint Spare PartsHotpoint Spare Parts Hotpoint Spare PartsHotpoint Spare Parts Hotpoint Spare PartsHotpoint Spare Parts Hotpoint Spare Parts

With 53.6 Million tonnes of e-waste, we all need to start acting more sustainably. This year the UK introduced the new right-to-repair law; all manufacturers need to make appliance spare parts more accessible, so that consumers can easily fix their machines rather than buying new.

With this growing concern for the environment and changes in consumer behaviour, the Hotpoint Parts team needed to optimise their digital experience to make shopping for parts easier.

Our Challenge

Optimising the user experience, complying with business and technology restrictions, whilst still making an impact within an extremely tight deadline

Plummeting sales in a competitive market

Amidst a rising number of third-party sites offering spare parts, Hotpoint was facing steep competition. Consequently, they were seeing a dramatic decrease in conversions and sales by 50% and desperately needed to act fast to optimise their digital experience.

A compromised user experience

Besides having to account for numerous business requirements, the parts site used a restrictive CMS that posed obstacles for users who wanted to find a specific spare part that they required, a challenge we had to overcome to improve the user experience.

The Solution

How did we do?

By navigating the capabilities of the existing CMS, we designed a user experience that championed user needs while taking into account business requirements.

Championing the user’s needs

With the help of architecture planning, user flows and journey maps, we designed a personalised onboarding experience, and streamlined journeys utilising faceted filter options to help customers find their desired parts in 50% less time.

Designing for a holistic experience

In order to help Hotpoint further boost its organic business growth, we ensured that the Parts site design also incorporated SEO strategies. Working in conjunction with multiple stakeholders, we ensured that the Parts site was seamlessly integrated with the overall business strategy and brand proposition.

A refreshed brand identity

Within a global brand refresh, we also designed an interface that reflects the Hotpoint values of innovation and genuine quality. Working in conjunction with UX, we integrated a sleek and intuitive design that engages and highlights the Hotpoint Parts value proposition.

Our Work

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