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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) sits at the heart of hospitals, providing top of the range medical products in the form of Labs, Transfusion Medicine, Point-of-Care, and Molecular Diagnostics business units.



Global Transformation

Our Challenge

Charting Ortho Clinical into a new direction

As strategic partners to Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, our mission involves navigating the dual challenge of crafting a unique identity while also helping them to penetrate into global markets

Building a Foundation

The Ortho brand relaunch presented a significant challenge: distinguishing itself from its parent brand, Johnson & Johnson. To achieve this, Ortho needed to strike a delicate balance between innovation and functional storytelling. Simply focusing on technical specifications and features of their medical machines wouldn't suffice to captivate their target audience. Instead, they aspired to forge a profound connection with their customers by weaving compelling narratives that highlighted the remarkable advantages of Ortho's solutions on patient care, hospital operations, and overall healthcare outcomes.

Adapting to Diverse Markets

The next challenge that we wanted to solve in the Ortho brand relaunch was the need to appeal to a diverse range of markets to effectively build credibility and their brand. We recognised that to capture the attention and trust of healthcare professionals and institutions, around the world, it was crucial to have strong communication strategies tailored to each target market. This required the development of localised marketing and communication approaches that addressed the distinct needs, challenges, and aspirations of different regions.

The Solution

How did we do it?

The result is the successful business relaunch as well as the global transformation for  Ortho. This included: 
Expansion of market presence,  
Cohesive and culturally relevant brand identity. 
Targeted localised marketing strategy, and a seamless transition into international markets, enabling Ortho to thrive as a trusted provider of advanced medical machines for hospitals worldwide.

Global Transformation

To effectively assist Ortho in their global transformation, we delved into understanding the unique challenges and opportunities presented by different international markets. We conducted thorough market research and analysis, identifying key regions with high potential for growth and demand for medical solutions.

This insight laid the foundation for developing a tailored approach that aligned with each market's specific requirements, regulations, and cultural nuances.


To embark on the successful relaunch of the Ortho brand, it was paramount for us to deeply comprehend their brand values and gain insight into their vision for the future. We recognized that Ortho's commitment to delivering premium medical solutions went hand in hand with their dedication to innovation and excellence.

Our challenge was to create a brand identity that seamlessly blended their established reputation with a fresh, forward-thinking perspective, appealing to both hospitals seeking advanced medical technologies and medical professionals who demand reliable and efficient solutions.

Ortho Plus

Through the development of OrthoPlus, a comprehensive digital platform, we revolutionised client relations for Ortho. OrthoPlus offered a centralised solution for managing issues, viewing system downtime, and streamlined ordering processes to name a few.

This user-friendly platform provided real-time visibility and updates, helping to  foster stronger relationships with clients while addressing their needs promptly, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and overall operational effectiveness for Ortho.

Happy Clients


The team provided such an eye for detail, looking into areas we had not thought to explore to expose new ideas for us. We achieved some real revelations to change our approach to delivering cross-geo impact.

A.Gammie: ValuMetrix Global Senior Director

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