A New Era of CRO:
The solution to your analytics problems

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Analytics serves as a pivotal tool for small businesses; nonetheless, it is frequently overlooked due to the intricate process of deciphering it into actionable insights. To level the playing field with larger enterprises, small businesses must tap into the potential of their data, to harness its power to the fullest

Our Challenge

+36% of people struggle to make data-driven decisions due to their complexity

Chaos to Clarity

Marketers often grapple with three main challenges: lack of understanding, visibility, and clarity when it comes to their data. These obstacles hinder their ability to make informed decisions and optimise their strategies effectively.

Wasted Efforts

The challenges of conversion rate optimisation are relentless, consuming precious time, money, and energy. Unfortunately, small businesses have been deprived of the technological advantages that their larger counterparts enjoy. A change is needed to address the diverse range of obstacles faced by SMEs and provide the perfect solution to solve this problem.

The Solution

Changing the face of CRO

We leveraged user feedback to develop a comprehensive dashboard that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing Google Analytics. From there, the AI can make the most out of your data to provide regular optimisation updates and guidance on how to boost your performance.

Rapid Prototyping

Our main focus when developing Emoti was to be able to utilise GA data and present meaningful and repeatable visualisations. This included harnessing the power of AI/GPT3 to parse and understand the data at a more human level.

Like any new product we also needed to get Emoti’s name out there and get the public’s opinion. From designing an event booth, team uniforms and polishing the  UX/UI, Emoti was ready for its first public appearance

Agile development

To ensure the accuracy and compatibility of our algorithms, we tested them extensively across different website types, including e-commerce, landing pages, portfolio sites, and more to get a variety of test data. 

A big part of this development also meant being reactive to discovering clients’ needs and being able to quickly pivot on ideas and features to make Emoti as useful as possible.

Latest Tech at the heart

Our tech team made the big switch from Python to TypeScript, rewriting Emoti’s code from the bottom up. 

TypeScript's strong typing system, and object-oriented capabilities amplified our expertise in writing clean, scalable code, making Emoti agile and ready to adapt with changing user needs. 

The Intelligent Chatbot

One of Emoti’s  core features is designed to serve as your trusted companion while using our web app. Through groundbreaking tech fusing ChatGPT's capabilities and our innovative coding, we were able to address our users most important challenges

Firstly Emoti was engineered to empower users with the freedom to query their data, providing them with actionable insights, and direction on how to improve their conversions. 

Unlike traditional chatbots, Emoti was meticulously crafted to deliver real-time breakdowns of your website's performance, dynamically analysing the data to present the most up-to-date and accurate information about your website. 

Our Work

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