Empowering sustainable development architecture

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Mission Underwriters play a vital role in supporting entrepreneurs, by providing the operational, regulatory and technical resources to launch their own businesses and become MGA’s. They have  already provided over £1.3 million in initial investments to prospective MGAs , and needed our help to ensure their business continues to grow.

Contextual Analysis

Competitor Review


Our Challenge

Building a sustainable development architecture

To take Missions current brochure like website and give it a complete UI refresh. As well as creating flexible CMS that could be easily accessible.

Multi-site development

As Mission are starting to expand and support more MGA’s they needed a new multi-site CMS to help them easily manage, maintain and develop a variety of Series websites, each of which would need to adapt to its own branding and style.

UI Overhaul

The old Mission site was more acting as a static functional brochure, rather than a dynamic website showcasing all that Mission had to offer. We needed to balance best practice user experience with progressive UI design, with sustainable and easy to use technologies.  

The Solution

How did we do it?

We needed to strike the perfect balance of engaging and refreshed brand with the practicalities of reusable and easily adaptable CMS components across future MGA/Series Sites. 

Building the right foundations

As we needed to get things moving quickly, we firstly conducted an alignment workshop with Mission’s key stakeholders to better understand the objectives, market, audiences and brand.

We also conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis to align guide Mission on the most important features for their new experience. From here we were able to extract keywords and phrases which directed our approach and style for Mission to help bring their brand to fruition.

Dynamic & engaging UI

The brief for the website was to ensure it was dynamic and ensured Mission stood out from its competitors. We crafted a fun and engaging User Interface which harnessed Mission’s brand in an progressive and inviting manner.

A sustainable solution

One of the crucial objectives of this project was to ensure that the future series website’s could be created and launched with ease. To achieve this, we leveraged the Gutenberg editor, a happy medium between full WYSIWYG editing and block based editing.

Gutenberg allows editors to swiftly create new pages, all while adhering to the same design system, thereby maintaining consistency across the entire website. Saving Mission lots of manual editing hours and minimising the need for a developer in the future.

Our Work

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