Don't lose sight of your data

The GA4 countdown is on

-298 days

A whole new world of tracking

Google’s introduction of GA4 comes with new advances in the way we can track and measure performance. Here is a reminder of what’s changing...

A simplified user interface for improved navigation

Machine Learning algorithms for advanced behavioural insights

Improved search for faster access to your data

Precision event tracking and more acute eCommerce metrics

The time is now

Move it or lose it

From the 1st of July 23, Google’s Universal Analytics will no longer process your data, meaning you won’t be able to measure or track any performance on your site.

GA4 is offering a whole new world of data analysis, with better visibility and more acute metrics. This means you’ll be able to start making accurate data informed decisions on your digital strategy.

It’s time to make the transition before you lose sight of your data.

Data is daunting, so let us help you

Transform this change into a major business opportunity.

Don’t sit worrying about the move, what to track or how to use GA4, we’re here to help you create a data plan of your most important business metrics.

Increase audience visibility across journeys

Identify friction points in user flows

Improve website performance tracking

Generate clear monthly success metrics

Simplified packages for simplified data

As a leading digital experience agency, everything we design and every decision we make is reliant on data. With our expertise we can help you define the most important metrics, for a clearer picture of your business and website performance.

1. Transition

A straight switch of your existing Google Analytics and Tag Manager to GA4.

  • Transfer all existing tags and events to GA4.
  • Testing to make sure all is working as it should.

From £1,800

2. Optimise

Taking the opportunity to learn and adjust tracking to gain better performance insights.

  • Interrogating business KPI’s and objectives.
  • Suggesting new ways to improve and track metrics based on goals.
  • Complete GTM and GA reconfiguration.

From £3,100

3. Accelerate

Our consulting package with automatic performance reports and strategy recommendations.

  • Everything in our Optimise package.
  • Automated regular dashboard reports.
  • Regular recommendations to improve your digital data strategy.

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4. Learn

Giving you the knowledge to analyse and adapt your data.

  • Training session for you and your team to understand your new metrics and ways of tracking.
  • Understand changes from existing GA to GA4.

From £500

Is your head spinning?

The GA4 upgrade can be mind boggling, so in the lead up to the switch we will be running some interactive webinars, to help you get your head around what's changing and the best way to improve your measures.

Next Webinar:TBC

Our process

Our tried and tested agile approach means that we strive to achieve your goals in the most efficient way, whilst also ensuring you don’t lose a single metric of your data. Here’s how we do it.


  • Interactive strategy session to align on your growth KPI’s.
  • Create user flows and trigger maps of the important performance metrics.


  • Setting up the essentials for your new GA4 account.
  • Creating the new tags and event triggers in GTM.
  • Setting up metrics and measures for meaningful tracking.


  • Rigorous testing to ensure tracking is set up correctly.
  • Health check, to test and evolve triggers and trackers over time.


  • Data Studio automation configuration.
  • Generating monthly reports on your performance.
  • Website improvements and strategy recommendations.

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Hi, I'm Emoti! I'm here to help.

Just to prove we know our GA stuff

Behind the scenes, we’ve been building an advanced Website Optimisation platform that harnesses GA4 metrics, tags and events, combined with the latest Ai technology to convert complex data into simplified recommendations. Emoti is designed to help busy marketing teams improve the accuracy of their digital performance.