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Driving progressive performance

We are Pomegranate

Ai is rapidly encroaching into all our lives from an increasing array of dimensions, the questions for Digital Marketers are how to achieve the optimum benefit, and where can Ai enhance my performance?

With over 4 years of intensive exploration into Ai, trialling, testing and prototyping with the latest and emerging Ai models, we are supporting many businesses in their adoption and transformation of Ai to improve insight, efficiency, ways of working and the value it brings.

Let us help you realise the full potential of Ai.

Ai Engineering


Your business has unique requirements, so we work together to establish your Ai adoption plan to add value where it matters most.

Tailored Ai models

Analysing your data

Predicting trends

Automating tasks

Seamlessly integrating your systems

Ongoing support

Ai enhanced design and content

Ai provides the power of breadth, unleashing the ability to creatively experiment and explore at incredible scale. We utilise this power to support concepting ideas and push creative boundaries.

  • Human + Ai for faster, bespoke content
  • Consistent and engaging narratives

Strategic Ai enhanced research

We pinpoint key market insights through digital dialogues.

  • Online Data: Web scraping, Social Listening
  • Thematic Analysis: Cluster identification
  • Sentiment and Linguistic Analysis: Correlation matrices
  • Human + Ai for detailed customer personas
  • Guidance for meaningful customer connections

Ai validation & testing

We use generative Ai to optimise content with biometric and behavioural data.

  • Correlation analysis
  • Understand user reactions and emotions
  • Quickly iterate concepts and prototypes to support testing integrity

Increasing returns

Ai Engineering Solutions

  • Respond swiftly to market changes
  • Automate complex tasks
  • Boost growth with data-driven decisions

2. Ai Strategy

  • Identify key themes, trends, and customer sentiments in your market quickly and accurately
  • Uncover crucial insights through the analysis of digital dialogues, enhancing your connection with customers
  • Detailed customer personas and strategic guidance for growth

3. Ai Design & Content

  • Construct immersive brand experiences with the help of generative Ai and human experts
  • Speed up the design process - we provide and refine concepts in days, not weeks
  • Drive a consistent and engaging narrative across touchpoints with bespoke content enhanced by our Ai

4. Ai Lab

  • Gain deep insights from biometric and behavioral data, taking into account both conscious and unconscious preferences
  • Understand comprehensive user reactions and emotions through correlated data analysis
  • Speak in a way your customers will find warm, engaging and familiar, based on rich insights about their preferences